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Healing for Mind and Body


Trouble sleeping? Eating too much, or too little? Can’t relax? Can’t get going? In a healthy body, we’re able to shift our gears. Move from ease to activity, and back to ease when the work is done, mastering the art of putting just the right pressure on our internal accelerator and brake. However, when we […]

Lifecrafting Video with Inga

Inga Karen Larson, LCSW RMT, has been providing support and assistance to individuals and families for over fifteen years. In my practice, I help you meet and embrace your true self, in all its richness. With heart and deep listening, I’ll work with you to discover what you truly want, and what is holding you […]

Which Therapy is Best for You

DO YOU LIKE QUIZES? So do I. Here are a couple I’ve devised to determine whether bodywork therapyor web, also known as online therapy, are right for you… WHICH IS BEST FOR YOU… BODYWORK OR STANDARD PSYCHOTHERAPY? IS WEB, AKA ONLINE THERAPY, RIGHT FOR YOU?  

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